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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

Maya Angelou


As a Creative Writing & Drama student, I specialised in playwriting whilst studying at the University of Winchester. This led me to develop a love of writing for radio. Please enjoy a selection of first-class scripts from my horror radio series Culture Killings.


I love true crime with unequivocal passion. Whether it's books, podcasts or documentaries - I can guarantee I've heard of it. 

This fascination and dedication to the genre has resulted in the work I present below;  please enjoy the first four chapters of my crime novel A Family Affair. 

Set in the fictional town of Kingsdene in Northampton, the Walters' family have their lives turned upside down when six-year-old Christopher goes missing from the park. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

A Family Affair: Chapter 1

‘Christopher, get a move on…’
Peggy Walters was standing in the doorway of her kitchen, a brown, home-sewn pinafore tied loosely around her slim waist. ‘I thought you wanted to go to the park?’
She called upstairs to her son again, hoping for even the slightest reaction, but still nothing happened. Her patience was beginning to wear thin, as she reached for a broom in the cupboard beside her.

A Family Affair: Chapter 2

‘Bit dark in here love,’ said Howard, just as he tripped on the front step of the Walters residence.
‘Mam doesn’t like the lights on,’ Peggy explained. ‘She thinks they’re too harsh.’
Howard nodded and proceeded into the hallway.
‘I think she’s gone to bed.’
Peggy flicked a switch on the wall beside her, and suddenly the entire bottom floor was illuminated by a few naked bulbs dangling from the ceiling. The staircase up to the top floor was painted to match the chipped sideboard and littered with coats, rain-macs and what was, presumably, items of Christopher’s school uniform. As they reached the kitchen, Peggy turned to the DCI.

A Family Affair: Chapter 3

Howard awoke to the sound of a drill bit slicing through his headboard. Only inches away from the blade, his eyes shot open and he quickly rolled to the left and off of the bed.
‘What the…’
The noise was deafening; bits of plaster and wood came away from the wall and flew around the room, landing on the un-kept carpet. Howard crawled to his knees, eager to dodge the menacing spray of debris.
‘Stanley…’ he croaked, his throat dry from last night’s whisky, ‘Stanley, stop!’

A Family Affair: Chapter 4

‘I want everything you’ve got on June Bradley. Previous, birth certificate, hospital records, doctor’s appointments, the bloody lot. If you have a postcard signed from her, I want to see it on my desk before the end of the day!’
The sound of Howard’s voice reverberated around the brown-painted walls of CID. The silence could be pricked with a pin as the unenthusiastic, slow-moving bodies of his colleagues infuriated him further.
‘Chop, chop lads. Get a bloody move on!’

Please see below a selection of stories inspired by the works of classic gothic authors:

  • An Author's Enquiry is the opening chapter of my historical crime novel influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle's brilliant tales of Sherlock Holmes.
  • 13 Addlestone Grove is a short prequel to Stephen King's infamous Salem's Lot.

Campaigns & Projects

As well as the day to day content creation for our young visitors, I have also designed and produced several immersive experiences for KidZania throughout the last three years.

Each project saw the creation of new scripts and activities across our city, as well as a unique narrative that visitors could engage with both during and after their visit. These events were highly profitable and extremely well received by our target market. 

As well as designing the events themselves, I also conceptualised, wrote and directed for the adverts for two of these immersive experiences. Please enjoy!


Like so many others, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic KidZania London had to shut its doors. 

I, along with fantastic Graphic Designer Amy Brewer, created a series of 'at home' worksheets so our visitors could keep learning and exploring their career opportunities all from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Please see below a selection of our most popular work:

Blue Plaque Project

To celebrate Black History Month, I replicated London's famous blue plaques around our own miniature city in KidZania London. 

I wanted to ensure that our visitors were seeing the successes of these Black protagonists, trailblazing in their different fields. Although only commissioned for October 2020, I fought for the plaques to stay-put and now we as a company can celebrate, educate and grow all year round.

Please see below the plaques in their conceptual state. Written by me and drawn by the very talented Nadina Narain

Travel Articles

As well as a writer, I am a devoted traveller. Combining these two passions resulted in what you see below; a series of articles documenting my adventures as I trot around the globe: 

Kilimanjaro & Tanga, Tanzania

I will keep this entry short and sweet because this is my fourth post about Tanzania alone, and I’ve still got another one to come. I think it’s plain to see that this country was a favourite of the places I visited throughout my African adventure. It was the one I’d been waiting for all my life and it certainly did not disappoint. I already knew a great deal about The Serengeti. Between my mum’s stories and the relentless National Geographic articles I have bookmarked on my ‘favourites’ tab, I

Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

We slept overnight at a campsite on the way back from The Serengeti. It was on the outer rim of the Ngorogoro crater and littered with wildlife. I remember we were warned not to leave our tents at night (again) for fear that there may be a buffalo standing outside and they reassured us that regardless of any athletic ability, you would not beat it in a running match.

There were two bathroom blocks in the field we stayed in. One frighteningly close to our tents that everyone and their mother see

Going Solo

Up until last year I’d never been to the cinema alone. It seems such a simple task, all you need do is sit in a dark room for 90 minutes and enjoy a cinematic masterpiece. Why is it then that we feel the need to go with others? It’s not like we can talk to them anyway.

By nature, I am a very lonely person. Not so much in the bad way of feeling lonesome and as if I have nobody there, but it just so happens that I spend a lot of time with myself. I practically live alone (sorry Nan), I travel alo

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Do you know why it’s called the Ngorogoro? It’s actually named after the sound that cow bells make when tied around the necks of the cattle as they migrate. Our jeep driver Emmanuel told me that, whilst looking out over one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

Driving to the top rim of the crater was an experience. The roads would sometimes narrow and tree branches would intercept our windows, all whilst the sound of squelching mud span in the tyres below. As we climbed higher up the c

Arusha, Tanzania

Have you ever experienced true happiness? Like pure, unadulterated bliss? I don’t think I had, not until I drove through the Tarangire National Park with a bunch of relative strangers in a country that up until a few days before, had only felt fantastical in my mind.

It’s a moment I can’t quite pinpoint. We’d been in the jeep for a few hours, aimlessly cooing at grazing Zebras and trying to identify Grant’s Gazelle from Thompson’s, when it suddenly hit me. An overwhelming swell of happiness tha

Nairobi, Kenya

The first days of solo travel are very overwhelming. That’s what I’ve found anyway. Usually it takes a while to adjust to a new place; the change in time, temperature, culture but landing in Kenya was an experience I’ll never forget.

After 24 hours of travel time, I should have been exhausted. We’ve already discussed that my ability to sleep onboard flights is non-existent so I was basically a walking zombie by this point. I’d been asked to fill out an arrivals form, just before we landed in Na

On the Road

Some trips are a once in a life-time sort of deal. That’s how I felt about going to Africa. When I told people I was leaving for the other side of the world, the recent friends I’ve made replied ‘really? That’s different.’ but those I’ve known a long time chorused together in equal harmony: ‘FINALLY!’.

I waited 17 years of my life to go on this trip. 17 long years of Googling safaris, listening to my parents’ wedding stories over and over again and smiling through my tears at every glorious sce


I think we can all agree, the last few months have been a lot. It feels mad to even consider the fact that we’ve been in lockdown for over 5 months now, but at the same time those days have crept by slowly.

I went into isolation on the 17th of March. The last thing I did in the outside world was board a train from Sheffield to Kings Cross St. Pancras after spending a glorious four days with my best friend in the Peak District. Pretty good timing, when you think about it. I went into quarantine

Brussels, Belgium

I never see a last minute holiday as a bad idea. Especially one that you deemed ‘a birthday present to yourself’. Surely that is the epitome of self love? Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway. I never set out to spend a few hundred pounds on my 22nd annual celebrations. It’s not exactly a ‘big birthday’ is it? Perhaps I should have waited until I was 30, or 25 at least but by the time that rolls around Brexit will have happened and I’ll be isolated on this sad little island for the rest of my

Bruges, Belgium

I have a new bucket list. Well, it’s not really ‘new’; I’ve had these ideas planned for a while but I just didn’t recognise their connection initially. So let me ask you: what do Petra, the Serengeti and San Fransisco all have in common? Give up? I thought you would. Well, it’s obvious really; they’re all settings from my favourite films. Keep up.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, The Lion King and Mrs. Doubtfire; all my faves, and all on the now titled ‘Ultimate Hollywood’ bucket list. I’m s

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